About Cherangani Cleaning

Company has been in existence since May 2007
Predominantly involved in Contract/Industrial Cleaning, Project management, industrial chemical supply, garden services, laundry services, building maintenance, environmental products, and sludge disposal, soil remediation, industrial mining supplies, plant hire and Transport.

Cherangani Cleaning support the objective of the government to re-address the inequalities of the past, through a deliberate process of empowerment employment.

We are committed to the achievement of equity, increase Broad-based and effective participation of people of colour, to increase employment and more equitable income distribution among South Africans of colour. We have obtained a level 2 accreditation from Afgatonby & Co an accredited BEE rating company.

Shareholders are:
• Henning Liebenberg 74%
• Sana Nqodi 26%

The current Managing Director Mr.Henning Liebenberg has 25 years’ experience within the cleaning sector. Henning was part of Industroserve Cleaning for the past ten years. He was also Managing Director Southern Division for Prestige Cleaning Services in Gauteng. He is currently the Managing Director of Cherangani Cleaning.
Our Me Sana Nqobi has been in the cleaning industry for the past 15 years working for Brilliant Cleaning and also working for Cheranagani Cleaning for the past 5 years before becoming a director.

Our Operations Director Hercu Liebenberg who has been with Industroserve Cleaning for the past 3 years, now in charge of the current Broll Properties portfolio in Kimberley,Kathu and Bloemfontein for Cherangani Cleaning for two years.
Our Sales and Marketing Director Tiaan Liebenberg who has been with Industroserve for 3 years has also joined Cherangani Cleaning to lead our marketing team.

We want to add value to our existing customers in providing exceptional service, and addressing customer needs by identifying their “challenges” to enhance productivity. Our management team is hands on and also involved in the day to day running of the company, decision making is quick, direct and without delay.